Gambling appeals to basic human instincts

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The desire to speculate is human. The gambling instinct sometimes is stronger than the law of self-preservation. Often a person is willing to take every chance in a desire for quick gains, or great wealth. It is a natural and with some an al-most consuming human desire.

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Technology vs Human Instinct What was your favourite Christmas present? What was your favourite Christmas present last year? I bet for many – after the gift of time spent with loved ones – you either gave or received a gift of technology?

What other instincts do gamification systems appealed to?The most comprehensive analysis of human motivation to participate in gamified systems I've come across is the OctalysisEven though Reward is one of the most basic things about gamification, it is also one of the most abstract. Basic Instinct: What Makes People “Eat” Your Content Five instinct make people read and share your content regardless its form.Many believe that nothing matters more than sex when it comes to human basic instincts.Generate content to satisfy the instinct of reflection, and it will always be appealing and viral.